Nike Car Wrap

Project: Fleet Car Wraps 
Client: Nike, Beverton, Oregon 

Nike's world headquarters are surrounded by the city of Beaverton, Oregon. It's fleet of smart cars and bio diesel trucks were in need of some branding. They searched out an up and coming new agency for some fresh idea to cover their vehicles with something to show their commitment to the environment and sustainability in the world.  

Hartlove Design was commissioned to find a way to present that fact and our solution was right in their own back yard. The beautiful property surrounding the entire campus was the solution. It's 35 acres held some of the most beautiful environmentally friendly buildings and landscape in the area. To capture this and apply it to the vehicles was another story. But with some creative photography on location, the project came together. HD produced four hi-resolution panoramic images of the Nike Campus landscape including local wild life. The Bio diesel trucks were adorned with a series of numbers that incorporated stats on how much rainwater is recycled, bio degradable materials used and so on. The tag line "Innovate for a Better World," was used on both car and truck. Click images to enlarge.